Flight Instructor Courses

Horisont has tailored the Flight Instructor course relevant for the Type Rating Instructor (TRI) and SFI aiming to teach in a multi-crew environment. Flight Instructor courses include teaching and learning.


Course details

Horisont provides TRI/SFI courses on ATR including the Teaching and learning course

Pre-entry requirement TRI

-To hold a valid type rating as Captain

-To have completed at least 1,500 hours flight time as a pilot of multi-pilot airplanes

-To have completed at least 30 route sectors, including take-offs and landings as pilot-in-command or co-pilot on the applicable airplane type or a similar type, as agreed by the Authorities, and of which not more than 15 sectors may be completed in a flight simulator within the 12 months preceding the application

Pre-entry requirement SFI

-To hold or have held a professional pilot license issued by an EASA Member State or a non PART–FCL license acceptable to the Authorities.

-To have at least 1,500 hours flying experience as a pilot on multi-pilot airplanes.

-To have completed a proficiency check as set out in Appendix 1 to PART– FCL 1.240 on a flight simulator of the applicable type in the last 12 months preceding the application.

-To have completed at least three route sectors as an observer on the flight deck of the applicable type within the past 12 months, or 2 simulator LOFT sessions to be attended as an observer.

The training is divided in to 3 phases

1) The Teaching and Learning Course, the first stage towards gaining an instructor rating under EASA regulations, and pre-entry requirement for the SFI/TRI course.

Horisont has tailored this course to be relevant for Simulator Flight Instructor (SFI) or Type Rating Instructor (TRI) candidates aiming to teach in a multi-crew environment. The course consists of 25 hours classroom over 3 days.

2) The practical training phases include a technical course on the relevant type and 10 hours FFS training. The training could be at any of our contracted training facilities.

3) Assessment of Competence (AoC). Final assessment : 3 hours by a TRE AoC.

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