Type Ratings

Horisont offers type ratings with or with out MCC to airline operators and self-sponsored pilots.





Course details

 For example ATR 42/72

  • Theoretical phase – 11 working days
  • CBT training
  • 14 hours ground school performance planning and limitation
  • Practical phase – 10 working days
  • 8 hours of FTD – 18 hours of FFS
  • 4 hours of Skill Test on FFS
  • Base training on aircraft – 1 day
  • 4 or 6 takes-off and landings (depending on experience)

Prices incl. EU transportation, accommodation, materials:

  • ATR From: EUR 16500
  • Boeing 737 From: EUR 16000
  • Airbus 320 From: EUR 16000
  • CL-65-100/200 From: EUR 19000
  • CL-65-900 From: EUR 20000

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Aircraft types

ATR42/72 all series

Airbus A320

Boeing 737


CL-65, CL-65-900