Our Business

We are a Danish, approved training organization (ATO DK.ATO.32) operating worldwide

Horisont ATO employes 10 TRI/TRE with extensive international experience on ATR 42/72, Boing 737 , CRJ series , Airbus 320 , CL 65, and Citation Jet C525.

We work closely with international operators within their environment, delivering services ranging from test and ferry flights, short and narrow runway operations, steep approach, mountain, cold weather and desert operations.

We train at several locations including Vienna, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Toulouse, Copenhagen, Bangkok and Singapore.


No system, procedure or automation can replace the skilled pilot in the cockpit. We use a simple strategy to bring out and build up the strengths of each pilot. We teach pilots to fly an airplane with their eyes open, and with a focused mind. Flying fly is easy – building leadership skills and high performance in the cockpit is harder. With empathy and confidence in each pilot, we train intensely to achieve this goal.

The Team

A handpicked team of flight instructors TRI/SFI

Whatever course at Horisont you attend, you will meet a committed and dedicated trainer team, who take pride in training new pilots and sharing their knowledge and long experience.

Our + 15 handpicked teachers are all characterized by having substantial experience as pilots in the airline and general aviation industry, and by having extended their technical expertise with training skills and management experience.

Together our team of trainers covers the core of medium-sized commercial aircraft types: ATR, CRJ, Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and they are, across aircraft types, united by a passion for flying and a view that high integrity is the essential characteristic of a pilot and the performance of every flight. “Say what you do and do what you say.”

It all starts with a conversation.