Operator Support

ATR 42/72

Horisont provides line-training and operator support to Airlines introducing ATR 42/72 all variants.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced pilots, instructors and examiners with an avarage of 5000 hrs on all ATR variants including the newest ATR42/72-600. We are trained and tested to meet the ATR manufacturer standards.

Horisont has assisted a number of successful start-up operations providing:

o ATR 42/72-600 TRI & TRE

o Flight Crew Line Training & Supervision

o Recurrency Training worldwide

o Base Training (including ATR -600 version)

o Provisionary flight crew in peak seasons and in case of crew shortage

o Qualified MCF pilots and delivery crew

We provide current and qualified ATR pilots TRI and TRE on short notice. All Horisont pilots have been assessed to meet ATR manufacturer standards and have a profound knowledge of the ATR documentation and SOP


Our services

For AOC’s without an established training organization Horisont can support the operation  with EASA compliant type rating courses. We offer this solution at a fixed fee.

For AOC’s who wish to set up their own approved training organization, Horisont offers a full implementation of  the ATO, incl. all relevant documentation, manuals, base training, simulator contracts, organization etc.

We provide training of your TRI/TRE, Line Training Captains, Captains and First Officers.

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