Type Rating Renewals

Horisont offers type rating renewals according to EASA rules – to airline operators and self-sponsored pilots


Course details

In accordance with EASA rules regarding renewal:

  • Expiry shorter than 3 months: no supplementary requirements
  • Price incl. Materials, skill test / LPC: From EUR 1490
  • Expiry longer than three months but shorter than one year: a minimum of two training session
Price incl. Materials, skill test / LPC: From EUR 2750
  • Expiry longer than one year but shorter than three years: a minimum of three training sessions
  • Price incl. EU transportation, accommodation, materials, skill test / LPC: From EUR 2950
  • Expiry longer than three years: the applicant should again undergo the training required for the initial issue of the rating
  • Price incl. Materials, skill test / LPC: Call for us

One training session must be two hours for multi pilot aircraft.

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